Utpal Junior announces the recruitment of professionally trained teaching faculty with experience ranging from 3 years to 23 years.

The school also provides professional development programmes to enhance  and update teachers teaching skills on a regular basis.

Kaka Choden


Subject: Science

Number: +975-77222581

Anush Gurung (Head Warden)

Subject: General/Health & Physical Education

Number: +975-17257716

Rinchen Tshering

Subject: Dzongkha(HOD)

Number: +975-17870112

Bijai Kumar Rai

Subject: Mathematics

Number: +975-17504720

Deepak Tamang (Warden/Sports Incharge)

Subject: General/Health & Physical Education

Number: +975-17494035

Ugen Choden (HOD science)

Subject: Science

Number: +975-1746964

Sonam Chuki

Subject: Math/Physics

Number: +975-17859610

Lobzang Wangmo

Subject: English

Number: +975-77358700

Lopon Dawa

Subject: Dzongkha

Number: +975-16936750/77458983

Pema Choden

Subject: English

Number: +975-17688956

Sonam Tshering

Subject: Maths/Physics

Number: +975-17313480/77451349

Dorji Wangmo

Subject: Math/History

Number: +975-17561868

Sonam Lhamo

Subject: History/Geography

Number: +975-17971862

Mr Bob Jones

Subject: Language/Music

Number: +975-15678995

Ganesh Gajmer

Subject: Music teacher


Leki Wangmo

Subject: Dzongkha/Math