Utpal has boarding facilities from pre-primary to eight grade. The maximum strength of boarders will be 180 to maintain a good student, teacher ratio so that all aspects of academic excellence can be  nurtured with a  personal touch. The class rooms will have a maximum of 20 students in line with the school mission to achieve academic excellence through quality education.

Besides the curriculum set by RGOB the school also provides music lessons which is vital, for the holistic development of the student. Starting this year (2018) The school has recruited a reading, writing and learning expatriate teacher to lay emphasis on the importance of reading, writing and communicating meaning fully at an early age.

The school has adopted the 21st century learning pedagogy  to actively engage the students, enabling them to express and communicate confidently with their peers and teachers, enabling them to fine tune these important life skills. This strategy has been complimented by the low volume high value policy providing equal opportunity for every single child.